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Karolina Libront, PhD

Her research and professional interests focus primarily on business law in the medical and defence market as well as security and international law. She provides advice in the area of law of obligations, public procurement law, personal data protection law and specific regulations governing the medical market. She has experience in comprehensive marketing of Life Science products on the markets of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Karolina Libront has gained her experience while working as a lawyer for such companies as General Electric. She is an expert in the Center of International Innovation.

She is the author of several dozen academic and journalistic publications. They include: Definition of Terrorist Act in International Law and Polish Criminal Law. Problems and Policy Implications [in:] Perseverance of Terrorism: Focus on Leaders, Amsterdam 2014, Economization of German security policy. A case of Russian-German relations, and Teoretyczno-metodologiczny wymiar instytucji Unii Europejskiej Trybunal Sprawiedliwości [Theoretical and Methodological Dimension of the Institutions of the European Union: Court of Justice] [in:]  Teoretyczno-metodologiczny wymiar badań nad instytucjami Unii Europejskiej [Theoretical and Methodological Dimension of the Research on Institutions of the European Union], Warsaw 2013.

Karolina Libront has obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Warsaw (she defended a doctoral thesis on the issue of economisation of Germany’s security policy). She graduated in International Relations and Law from the University of Warsaw. She received a scholarship at the University of Vienna.

She provides advice in Polish, English, German, and French.