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Training session: IT Systems Maintenance, Service and Development Contracts
03 Dec 2019

Unfortunately, it is often the case that when it comes to negotiating the provisions and managing the performance of contracts, IT System Maintenance, Service and Development Contracts are treated with less significance and gravity than IT System Implementation Contracts. Meanwhile, these contracts are key to ensuring an effective functioning of an organisation, and consume a major part of IT budgets. Maintenance contracts are usually long-term contracts, and therefore, it is all the more important that they properly stipulate the obligations and responsibilities of a Service Provider and a Client.

A workshop on IT Systems Maintenance, Service and Development Contracts – Best Practices and Disputes will be held in Warsaw on 3 December 2019.

The workshop will be held by Agnieszka Wachowska, Legal Advisor.

The organiser of the event is Centrum Promocji Informatyki.

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Training session: IT Systems Maintenance, Service and Development Contracts

03 Dec



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